#MondaysThoughts: Disrupt yourself. And enjoy it!

#MondayThoughts: Be more human. Disruption is in demand. To finally get rid of what has put us in uncontrolled actionism so far in the fun and consumer society. The principle of “thinking, weighing, evaluating, exchanging ideas and then only taking action” always provides the best guidelines.


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Editor’s Comment on #HotspotSubscription

#SUBSCRIPTION — The new blog offers opportunities to get involved; be it as a user / reader who subscribes to the blog for free and comments on contributions; or be it even more active as a discussion partner or author of exclusive, relevant technical contributions. You can even suggest topics!

News-Update May 2020: Subscription as a challenge to secure the future of print shops

Cool insights beyond technology: subscription could perfectly enable customers to make the best out of hi-tech print production solutions.