Schumacher Packaging: Subscription on the rise in packaging printing // Subscription im Vormarsch beim Verpackungsdruck

Schumacher Packaging, one of Europe’s biggest family-run packaging printers, has taken out a #subscription contract with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG for its site in Forchheim (Bavaria) and anticipates higher productivity and more flexibility for future growth.

#sls19ffm PREVIEW: Jana Frank rückt partizipative Kunden-Anbieter-Beziehungen in den Fokus

#Subscription-Geschäftsmodelle sind vor allem dadurch geprägt, dass eine partizipative Kunden-Anbieter-Beziehung geschaffen wird, in der beide Seiten von einer permanenten Steigerung des Nutzens profitieren.—Jana Frank

News Update September 2019 (1) — Printing business is in front!

“The #digitalisation of the world economy is the biggest #project in human history, which nobody can stop, because no one has started it – trillions of investment dollars are waiting to be used.” —Gabor Steingart