News Update January 2020 (01): Subscription as a mainstream topic around the globe

#Subscription Trends: “Well-designed subscription models open up new potential — both for customers and for providers.” —Jochen Katz, Salesforce

News Update Dezember 2019: Subscription-Lösungen erobern die Investitionsgüter-Industrie

Am 11. und 12. März 2020 steht in Aachen beim 23. Dienstleistungsforum — kurz: #DLForum2020 — das Thema „Subscription – Vom Service-Level-Agreement zum Abo-Modell“ im Fokus.

News Update October 2019: Review #sls19ffm — 1. Subscription Leaders Summit

#sls19ffm — Die #SubscriptionEconomy ist gerade in Deutschland von hoher, nachhaltiger Dynamik geprägt.

Customer’s Voice: Quantum Leap for Klampfer Druck / Quantensprung für Klampfer Druck

#Subscription — Customers voice via #KlampferDruck: How a biz relationship was switched into a successful partnership for renewal and growth.

#Subscription Conversation: It’s not (only) hip or trendy. It is crucial for the renewal of print!

Interesting conversation is about the beauty and benefits of #subscription and (probably) its role as a game changer in the global printing industry.