Gedanken zum Status quo und zur Zukunft von Subskription

Für die Printbranche ergibt sich durch Subskription die Lösung des vom Branchenverband #BVDM in einer Analyse aufzeigten Dilemmas, dass notwendige Industrie 4.0-Maßnahmen von den meisten Druckbetrieben nicht alleine oder in Eigenregie gelöst werden müssen, sondern dies an die Kompetenzteams des Lieferanten/Subskriptions-Partners delegiert wird, der dann für das reibungslose Funktionieren verantwortlich ist.

News Update August 2019 (01): Success through ecosystems and content marketing

#subscription — In our context, I would like to point out two important aspects that make subscriptions models even more effective. Two expert opinions that are worth reading. And to think about it. —Andreas Weber

Reading tip: Why print is so relevant!

The study The Power of Print, available in German and English, is a must-read for anyone involved in media production and media usage!

Editor’s Comment on #HotspotSubscription

#SUBSCRIPTION — The new blog offers opportunities to get involved; be it as a user / reader who subscribes to the blog for free and comments on contributions; or be it even more active as a discussion partner or author of exclusive, relevant technical contributions. You can even suggest topics!

Lesetipp | Recommended reading — ‘Subscribed’ by Tien Tzuo and Gabe Weisert

Subscribed — A USA Today bestseller! Companies like Netflix, Spotify, and Salesforce are just the tip of the iceberg for the subscription model. The real transformation–and the real opportunity–is just beginning.