#sls19ffm PREVIEW: Ricco Deutscher — stets auf der Suche nach disruptiven Geschäftsideen!

“Echte” #Subscription-Geschäftsmodelle wirken in ihrem jeweiligen Markt disruptiv. — Dr. Ricco Deutscher


#sls19ffm PREVIEW: Jana Frank rückt partizipative Kunden-Anbieter-Beziehungen in den Fokus

#Subscription-Geschäftsmodelle sind vor allem dadurch geprägt, dass eine partizipative Kunden-Anbieter-Beziehung geschaffen wird, in der beide Seiten von einer permanenten Steigerung des Nutzens profitieren.—Jana Frank

News Update September 2019 (03): Insights on platform strategies for the print biz

Good news: digital transformation enables great ideas and tasks driven by #subscription incl. automation via #IoT a.s.o. And creates as well new form of valuable (digital) #communications! 

#Subscription Conversation: It’s not (only) hip or trendy. It is crucial for the renewal of print!

Interesting conversation is about the beauty and benefits of #subscription and (probably) its role as a game changer in the global printing industry.

News Update August 2019 (3): 1st Subscription Leaders Summit

1st Subscription Leaders Summit: The independent conference in and for the Subscription Economy in Germany and Europe aims to give innovators and early adopters the opportunity to become part of a professional and active Subscription Business Community.

Focus on the subscription economy – the benefits and results are all that count!

“One of the biggest challenges is selling the market exactly what we’ve been talking about – not products, but the results they achieve.” —Dr. Ulrich Hermann, CDO Heideldruck

News Update July 2019 (01)

News Update 07-2019: Selection of current news and tips relevant to major #subscription topics. | Auswahl aktueller News und Tipps, die für das Thema #Subskription relevant sind.