News Update August 2019 (01): Success through ecosystems and content marketing

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In our context, I would like to point out two important aspects that make subscriptions models even more effective. Two expert opinions that are worth reading. And to think about it.

In unserem Kontext mochte ich auf zwei wichtige Aspekte hinweisen, die Subscriptions-Modelle nich wirksamer werden lassen. Dazu zwei Expertenmeinungen, die es lohnt zu lesen. Und sich darüber Gedanken zu machen.



Frank Diana, Mastermind and future expert | Vordenker und Zukunftsexperte


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Embracing the Collaborative Nature of Ecosystems (Video)

Further information via


Read as well: Ecosystems in the Context of Digital Transformation


As Frank Diana and Simon Torrance explain in “Defining Your Digital Ecosystem: The First Step in a Machine First™ Transformation,” many leaders are no longer looking at strategy and industry structure in the ways of a non-digital world.

Instead, they’re analyzing how emerging ecosystems—networks of stakeholders, including business partners, suppliers, customers, and competitors that interact digitally to create value are supplanting traditional industries as the organizing construct. For example, in a mobility ecosystem, automakers no longer just make cars; they must redefine the very notion of automobile ownership and how people get around.


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Martin Schwarz, Journalist and specialist for digital media products | Journalist und Spezialist für Digitale Medienprodukte

Warum die neue Abo-Ökonomie in der B2B-Welt Content Marketing braucht | Why the new subscription economy in the B2B world needs content marketing

Sein Ausgangspunkt: „Abomodelle gibt es ja nicht nur für Rasierer, Filme oder Software. Sondern immer mehr auch im #B2B-Bereich. Und ich glaube, dass #ContentMarketing so ziemlich die beste Investition der Anbieter sein wird, um den Erfolg ihrer Subskriptionsmodelle zu gewährleisten. Gewagte These, ich weiß.“

His starting point: “Subscription is not just for razors, movies or software. But more and more also in the #B2B area. And I believe #ContentMarketing will be pretty much the best investment by the vendors to ensure the success of their subscription models. Daring thesis, I know.”

Full story via LinkedIn



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