News Update August 2019 (02): The crucial importance of storytelling

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Gleich zwei bedeutende Köpfe der Zukunftsforschung und des Marketings im Digitalzeitalter beschäftigen sich mit dem Thema Storytelling: Frank Diana und Mark Schaefer. Im Kern ist Storytelling der Erfolgstreiber für Unternehmungen und Disruption gleichermaßen. Für den nachhaltigen Erfolg von Subscription-Modellen hat dies eine ganz besondere Bedeutung.

Mein Tipp: Sorgsam lesen!


Two important heads of futurology and marketing in the digital age are involved in the topic of storytelling: Frank Diana and Mark Schaefer. At its core, storytelling is the driver of success for business ventures and disruption alike. This has a very special significance for the sustainable success of subscription models.

My advice: read carefully!


Frank Diana: The Story of Our Emerging Future

Note: In the spirit of story telling, here is the visual brought to life via video. Select building blocks are chosen to describe this Future Thinking Canvas.


Frank Diana Video Screenshot




Mark Schaefer Storytelling


Mark Schaefer: How industries are being disrupted through stories

Core items:

  1. Industries are being disrupted through stories.
  2. Story is important. Meaning is important.
  3. Story and meaning probably need to be considered in your marketing mix.
  4. Don’t overlook the fundamentals of your marketplace that drive the true long-term value of the business and the brand.




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