#Subscription Conversation: It’s not (only) hip or trendy. It is crucial for the renewal of print!

Subscription Conversation 2019.001.jpeg

It happened September 10th, 2019, right at the Print Media Centre in Wiesloch/Germany.

Heidelberg’s Nick Gawreluk, responsible for managing Sales Operations for the global Software Solutions business unit from headquarter in Germany and driving the transformation from a traditional license business model to a recurring revenue based software subscription model, started a conversation with Andreas Weber, Head of Value, Publisher and Chief Blogger of #HotspotSubscription.

The interesting conversation is about the beauty and benefits of subscription and (probably) its role as a game changer in the global printing industry.

Andreas is sharing some smart & cool insights and describes his mission to find new ways to communicate via blogging.

Thanks to the Heidelberg Video Crew for recording and editing. If you hear some noise in the background it’s because the recording happend in a print production environment.

Video via YouTube





On 16 October 2019 the 1st. Subscription Leaders Summit will happen in Francfort/Germany. If you can you should join to get cool insights enriching your network capabilities as well. Beside WirtschaftsWoche and Mobile Zeitgeist our Blog #HotspotSubscription will be one of the media partners.

Subscription Leaders Summit



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