Reading tip: Why print is so relevant!



By Andreas Weber, Head of Value | German Version


The survey “The Power of Print – Meta-analysis on the advertising impact of print”, for the first time, provides a complete proof of the relevance of Print in the digital age.

This is important in our context with #subscription. Because in that print is maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing and communications as well as the renewing the business strategy for printers through subscription, can ensure long-term success and profitable growth. The effect of cost savings is added to the proven unbeatable effectiveness of Print.

The study, available in German and English, is therefore a must-read for anyone involved in media production and media usage!


01-Studie Detail

Photos: Fachverband Medienproduktion (Association of Media Production), Germany

My Take

Reading time in total: around four hours. -— Half-life time: forever! — ’The ‘Power of Print’ meta-analysis as a ‘toolbook’ is unbeatable. As a printed book it’s very well done and represents the best way to create valuable knowledge. And it also proves what print can actually accomplish in a virulent digital world.

From my point of view, as a print analyst, the ‘Toolbook’ is the best basis for being successful with print today and in the future. Print not only works very well, print ensures lasting economic success. For print shops and their customers alike.

Read more in the ValueBlog, including reference source documentation.



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